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PMP (Presidential Match Play)

The PMP (Presidential Match Play) is one of the three Major Events held by NUGA each day. It is operated in a knock-out matchplay format, which ends with the Finals and third place matches being played on the Annual President's Day (usually held in August). 


Only fully paid-up members are permitted to enter the competition, having paid the necessary entry fee.



For the 2022 season, the programme and rules of engagement are outlined below:


The Competition runs from March to August 2022 as set out below:


Match Fixtures




Note that rules of Match Play differ from Stroke Play. Please familiarise yourself with the most important ones on this website. Pay attention to the paragraph on lateness for a Match Play tee time.

  1. Registration:

    • Fully paid members of NUGA (paid 2022 Annual Membership Fees and £20 2022 PMP fee) can register to play the 2022 PMP.

    • Please send an email with your name and subject “PMP Registration” to and make payment directly to the NUGA bank account

    • Registration & Payment closes at 7pm, 1st April 2022.

  2. Draw:

    • Draws will be made at NUGA monthly events from March to July 2022.  The host player should endeavour to arrange matches immediately.  Where necessary, there will be mini-draws (depending on number) in-between NUGA monthly events. The Competition Secretary will inform players of their opponents within 48 hours after the draws. If you know your opponent’s details, go ahead and contact them to arrange your match.

    • The player that completes his/her match first, in the previous round, will automatically be at home in the next round.

  3. Matches:

    • Matches must be played in accordance with R&A match play rules

    • Players may invite observers to witness their match if they so desire and he or she can play if both parties agree

    • Matches must be played and completed within the prescribed timelines. See section 8 below for details

    • Home players MUST offer away players a minimum of 3 dates/times to play their match and must give at least a week’s notice. One of the 3 slots MUST be a weekend. If the away player declines all 3 dates/times, and there is no agreement between both players on a mutually acceptable date/time, then the away player concedes the match as a walk over in favour of the home player. In the event of a concession, the home player should notify the competitions secretary immediately at and copy the away player

    • Players MUST not be late to a match. If a player is more than 5 minutes late, the punctual player should start the match in which case the late player forfeit’s the 1st hole. If the late player does not arrive at the start of the 2nd hole the match is forfeited to the punctual player

    • All matches must be played off the yellow tees

    • Buggies are not allowed for this competition unless the player wishing to use one offers to subsidise one for his or her opponent.

    • If a match is tied (all square) after 18 holes, the match MUST be resolved immediately by sudden death play-off (starting from hole 1 and played hole by hole until a player wins a hole) at the home player’s course. Both players are to ensure that the tee time booked is reasonable enough in the event that the match ends in an A/S. In the event that sudden death play-off cannot resolve the match either due to inability to continue the match on that day or bad light, a coin will be tossed by the Captain (or his representative) at the next NUGA event.  

  4. Green Fee:

    • The player that is ‘Home’ has the privilege of selecting the course for the match. Green fee for the away player must not exceed £40 unless the home player offers to subsidise. Also where the distance of the players is very far apart (e.g. London - Manchester), you can agree to play at a course mid-way in distance. This is not a rule, it is at the discretion of the home player, but please be considerate.

  5. Handicap:

    • The handicap to use for the PMP is the players’ WHS Handicap Index or a NUGA-certified Handicap Index at the time of each match.  Official NUGA handicap are available at

    • The maximum Handicap Index for men and ladies for PMP are 28 and 36 respectively

    • There is no handicap “freeze” for this event.

    • Handicap allowance: 3/4 of difference in player’s handicaps applies to this competition. This is explained in the example below:

      • Player A has a handicap of 24

      • Player B has a handicap of 8

      • The difference in handicaps is 24 – 8 = 16

      • 3/4 of 16 = 12 (see table below)

      • Player A gets a stroke off player B on every hole marked stroke index of between 1 and 12 on the scorecard


If contestants are playing Hole 1, a Par 4 with Stroke Index 6 AND

  • Player B scores 4, Player A scores 5, the hole is halved (tied)

  • Player B scores 4, Player A scores 4 as well, Player A wins the Hole and goes 1UP


Whatever Player B scores, Player A can match if he scores not more than 1 stroke above Player B’s score for holes within stroke index 1 to 12.



After the Match:

The winner MUST within 24 hours:

  • Report the outcome of the match to the Competitions Secretary

  • Send an email to and copy his opponent, with the outcome of your match

  • Ensure that scorecards are agreed and signed. Scorecards must be retained in the event of a dispute.


Disputes / Clarification of Rules:

  • If the handicap allowance or any other section of the rules of engagement is unclear, please contact the Competitions Secretary or any other member of the executive at 

  • Similarly, please contact the Competitions Secretary for resolution of disputes or disagreements.



The deadline for the completion of matches for each round and timetable for draws will be announced by the competition secretary.  The finals and 3rd place play-offs must be played on or before 12th August 2022 (date of the President’s Day).

Once announced, please note these dates for your diaries. Entries are usually many and so time to play matches can be very tight. Therefore, we cannot miss these dates, so please do not ask for any extensions as they will be refused. 


The table below shows the number of strokes given based on 3/4, 1/2, together with 7/8 and 3/8

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