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How it all started...

In the early 2000s, a few Nigerian friends who had been enjoying playing the game of golf together for some time realised the annual growth of the group and finally in 2004, decided to form an association who played monthly events of golf. The group was called the “Nigerian UK Golfing Association” (NUGA) and held its maiden event at Chelsfield Lakes Golf Club (Orpington) in April 2004.

About NUGA

The Nigeria-UK Golfing Association (NUGA) is an organisation of UK resident Nigerians (including non-Nigerian friends, associates and affiliates) who play golf, support charity and develop friendship.


Members have a deep passion for the game of golf as they do for supporting charity, good causes and strong family values. Non-golfers who believe in NUGA’s motto of “Friendship, Integrity and Charity” are also members of the association. 

With members spanning the length and breadth of the UK and in Nigeria, NUGA has grown to become a purposeful and impactful society with many accomplishments in our short history.

The association owes a big part of its success to steady growth and good partnerships/sponsorships. NUGA always welcomes New Members and Sponsors. If you would like to learn more about membership, please fill in the Join Us form on our website ( and for sponsorship, visit


We also welcome new Partners. Please complete the Contact Us form (via ( and we will respond shortly.

The association has supported many Charities including the Anawim Home – Association of the Poorest of the Poor, Sickle Cell Society, African Child Trust (ACT), Zimbabwe A National Emergency (ZANE), Damilola Taylor Trust (DTT) and The Akabusi Charity Trust among others. View details of the charities support by NUGA at

You can view our constitution at

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